Who We Are

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We are Local and Global Contractors, a highly skilled 100% black youth and female owned company. Our team is rich with expertise, making headways in the construction and insulation industry.

In todays world, our South African government has set on high a drive to implement empowerment policies through radical economical transformation, and sustainable development. As participators of these initiatives, we embrace change and cease opportunities.

Through working in collaborations and with associates
We will always research new technology, and always look for better ways of doing things, and strive for superior results. We aim to grow rapidly in the market, providing increasing opportunities for sustainable job creation, and be noticeable contributors to Economical Development to our Country, South Africa.

Our beliefs are rooted in working hard, persistency and perseverance until we are the change that we want to see.

Our Vision

Building Generations through an African Vision.

Our Mission

Building Generations through an African Vision. Our mission is founded on guaranteed delivery of a solid structure which will stand the test of time. Driven and motivated by our integral core values we :
Commit our time, we focus our energy, we excel in the execution process, with timeous completion that will successfully prosper every project.

Our Goals

  • Gain Market Entry Through Price Competitiveness.
  • Gain Market Share Through Execution of Quality Work.
  • Establish a Reputation for Excellence Service Delivery.
  • Develop strategic relationships with Industry Allies.
  • Dominate the Market through Various Procurement.
  • Consistently Increase Job Creation.
  • Be a successful Enterprise with BBBEE 1 Supplier Advantage.
  • Be Your Number One Choice.


Our Values

Commit. We commit 101% by paying attention to each and every aspect of each project.

Focus. We focus into designing, detailing and planning the best solution for the need at hand.

Excel. We believe in excellency in craftsmanship and never compromising on quality.

Deliver on time. Finishing on time is just as good as ensuring quality. We understand that time is money, and is critical to operations and the bottom line.

Prosper. Our aim is to make you money, by ensuring that you save energy, therefore save money, recoup expenses, increase profits and prosper.

Our Team

Meet our team members
Nondumiso Mngomezulu

Nondumiso Mngomezulu


Nondumiso Mngomezulu is a leader with unique professionalism and business acumen. She is a young and dynamic lady who is driven by ambition, and a thirst for knowledge that is essential for success.
With the exposure to various sectors, this creative lady also has a 10 year background in Architecture, and some experience in the Construction &
Insulation Industry.
She's committed to developing a prominent role within industry and business,
and has already achieved success and recognition.

Sizwe Nene

Sizwe Nene

General Manager

At a very young age, immediately after completing high school, Sizwe Nene
started his work career in a unique engineering industry specializing in ship
marine turbo chargers. He worked all over the country, mostly in the Southern
African region as a technician, being placed in different harbours.
This multi-talented businessman is also a co-founder and successful manager of Music Box Lounge in Dundee, & other high profile Lounges in Sandton. He has successfully worked with, and exported the art of award winning South African artist to the USA and United Kingdom.
Combined with his experience in engineering, and lately working in the Insulation Sector, his skills in communication , marketing, operations, and strategic management, make him an excellent leader in a work environment.